We are all Tech People

The University tech community is highly inclusive and we are glad you are here. The groups listed on this site are here to help enhance your career with useful information related to your work and offer you valuable networking opportunities. Leave your job title or classification at your desk, you are among friends here. 

Get Involved

Browse the groups listed below. Do any sound interesting? Great! Attend a meeting and learn more. Keep in mind your desire to learn is all that is necessary, every group is an opportunity to learn and be more involved with the community. Each group has people to contact if you have questions not covered on the site.

Accessibility Ambassadors

Accessibility Ambassadors is a group who are passionate about making U of M digital resources more accessible online.


The Ansible Workgroup is a collaborative group that focuses on promoting Ansible best practices.

Code People

Code People is an open network of application developers looking to further our skills and capacity to innovate. 


Think of Coworking as an inclusive study hall for technology professionals.

Web People

Web People is a group of people who work on the web and want to be around others who do the same kind of work. 

Women in Technology

WIT membership includes women and allies, both students and professional, who work with or are interested in working with technology.