Campus Codefest 2024

Paul Bunyan statue with Campus Codefest text in foreground.

Campus Codefest 2024 will be held August 15 (Thursday) and 16 (Friday) at the Collaboration Studio in Wilson Library from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

What is Campus Codefest all about?

Campus Codefest is an event that allows IT staff (or amateurs!) from across the University to work together based on common interests. Primarily, it is about professional development and strengthening relationships within our community. Secondarily, it is an opportunity to explore solutions to cross-organizational coding and coding-adjacent problems. Or simply to hack together.

Is this event for me?

Yes. Many talents and interests contribute to making a great Campus Codefest. Designers, operations engineers, educational technology professionals, business analysts, aspiring programmers, and anyone else interested in building stuff, documenting stuff, automating stuff, designing stuff, or otherwise helping out with or having ideas for projects are welcome to attend.

How is the day structured?

The format is very flexible - topics are collected both in advance on Tech-people Slack #ccf-projects channel (requires Slack membership) and the day of, and people self-select a topic they are interested in. People can switch between topics if they want. Some examples of previous CCF projects include:

  • an API aggregator
  • an introduction to Javascript
  • a Google Maps mashup
  • the service
  • exploring VR

At the end of the second day, each topic group does a brief presentation to show off what they worked on and learned. Some projects target specific needs that someone wants to address, exploring a tool or technology, or tech just for fun.


We'll provide breakfast (e.g. fruit, muffins, yogurt, etc), lunch (pizza), coffee, tea, lemonade, ice water, and snacks. Please let us know on the registration form if you have dietary restrictions. We aim to please!